How do you read a poem that was supposed to disappear?



Take sackcloth of the darkest dye, And shroud the pulpits round! Servants of Him that cannot lie, Sit mourning on the ground.

Let holy horror blanch each cheek, Pale every brow with fears;  And rocks and stones, if ye could speak, Ye well might melt to tears! 

Let sorrow breathe in every tone, 
In every strain ye raise; 
Insult not God’s majestic throne 
With th’ mockery of praise. 

A “reverend” man, whose light should be 
The guide of age and youth, 
Brings to the shrine of Slavery 
The sacrifice of truth! 

For the direst wrong by man imposed, 
Since Sodom’s fearful cry, 
The word of life has been unclos’d, To give your god the lie.

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